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While the game is very fun to play. There is this mayor bug with javascript that randomly makes the game crash when scrolling through the menus. And causing the game to delete all progress even after saving & exiting just to inmediately keep playing; as there is no Save and keep playing option.
I'd love to give a higher note, but a problem of this magnitude makes the game unplayable in the long term.

The graphics are unimpresive, gameplay far so simple, and a difficulty that scales based on how many shots can the enemy survive.
The game is also extremely buggy, with enemies that may simply ignore you, and the weird level transitions.
Not even the general theme of the game is very good, since is just a generic edgy theme about pain and madness.
The only thing i can save from this game is that is at least playable and doesn't become boring too quickly.

benjachok responds:

That's hurt. I hate 2.5 star so much. From now on i stop develop a game :(

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Yeah they are

I dig that style quite a bit, it's well done enough to be pleasing to the eye, good job.
I only have 3 things to point out:

1) Her left breast (her left) is a bit smaller than the right one.
2) The way her right leg leans backwards makes her look like she's gonna fall.
3) The insides of the 3rd image are not centered. What i mean by this is that the bright dot at the center of the circles inside the cuts is not posicioned in the center of the legs, torso, breasts and head.

Minor things but worth to point out.
Keep the good work and keep inproving.

GreePurl responds:

good thank you
I like someone to worry about pointing out some errors or small details in my drawings
if you want you can leave me an advice, it would help me a lot
I am not someone very connected that we say but I always see the comments they leave when I have time and try to answer them

I never get tired of possessed Sue. Or just Sue in general.
Heavily underrated character. Good drawing.

cheesycoke responds:

Ayy man thank you!! And hell yeah other forms are great too

You can call me Neku. I'm an enthusiastic artist, with a critical mind and a big heart!

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